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Sometimes, you need to reboot Windows (e.g. when installing new software), but there is no need to restart BIOS, too. However, the default is to reboot both. (That’s called doing a “cold boot,” rather than a “warm boot.”) There’s a trick that works on both XP and Vista to get it to do a warm boot instead, thus saving you 30 seconds per cycle.

The trick is to hold down the SHIFT key when invoking the restart.

Windows XP: Select Start. Select “Shut Down…”. Change the drop-down combo box under “What do you want the computer to do?” to “Restart”. Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the “OK” button.

Windows Vista: Select Start, then hover over the right arrow that is to the right of the padlock icon until the pop-up menu appears that contains “restart” as one of it’s choices. Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the “restart” choice.

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To Enable a disabled port:

1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
3. Locate, and then click the following registry key:
4. In the right pane, double-click Start.
5. In the Value data box, type 3, click Hexadecimal (if it is not already selected), and then click OK.
6. Quit Registry Editor.

To Disable the access to USB port, in windows XP and 2000
1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
3. Locate, and then click the following registry key:
4. In the right pane, double-click Start.
5. In the Value data box, type 4, click Hexadecimal (if it is not already selected), and then click OK.
6. Quit Registry Editor.

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More in the news today about the source code for a Symbian based virus which spreads over Bluetooth. It’s availability is expected to make the virus more common among Smartphone users) Things like this are frustrating because you have to wonder what it is these virus writers are trying to achieve.

When it comes to Windows on your desktop, virus releases usually exploit gaping vulnerabilities in the OS, but when it comes to infecting a Symbian Smartphone, the success of an infection attempt depends entirely on the user; if the OS did any more to stop the virus installing itself, it would render the Smartphone locked down in the same way Microsoft Smartphones are, not letting you install anything that has not been approved by the ‘Powers that Be’.

The good news is that at the moment, being safe from a Symbian virus is as easy as not doing anything, and it’s what you’re not doing that will keep you safe…

Keep your Bluetooth switched off. Windows viruses come over the internet but the current bunch of variations on the cabir virus comes over Blue tooth. You can use software such as Extended Profiles from PsiLoc to turn your Bluetooth on and off according to the time of day, so maybe you can use that to only have Bluetooth active when you’re driving, for instance.

If you don’t want to keep your Bluetooth off, make sure you can’t be discovered. You can do this in the Bluetooth settings by changing ‘My Phone’s Visibility’ to Hidden.

If you want to remain visible, or discoverable, then don’t accept messages from strangers. If you’re on the train and your phone tells you that there’s an incoming connection, reject it every time. Don’t go looking for the evil offender who cunningly tried to send it to you, however, since the chances are that they don’t know what their phone is doing.

If, though, you want to receive a file from a stranger (some innocent fun can be had by sending and receiving funny pictures to and from strangers in public places – keep it clean ;-) , then check the file before opening it. If the name of the file ends with .sis, DELETE IT! The chances of a stranger sending you an innocent application at random are very slim and so if they’ve sent you an installer (which a .sis file is), it is very likely to be a virus.

If you’ve accidentally opened the file, just cancel the install when you’re warned about it’s security. Symbian Smartphones are very careful about security and will hold your hand all the way through an install process for new software – the only thing it won’t do is force you to not install it.

So, as you can see, you can make it impossible for your Smartphone to become infected. Here alone, you can see the steps you can take to make a virus’ life difficult.

Ultimately, nothing can be installed onto your Smartphone without your permission so, unless you’re in the process of installing some software, reject everything that tries to install.

For extra peace of mind, you can install anti-virus software onto your phone (see online shops such as Handango for a number of available applications – but keep away from TSG Phone Safe though), but ultimately, your Smartphone’s security is only as strong as the weakest link.

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Be Alert !… Newly breed of virus is here….

Emails with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden hanged are being sent and the moment that you open these emails your computer will crash and you will not be able to fix it!

If you get an email along the lines of ‘Osama Bin Laden Captured’ or ‘Osama Hanged’, don’t open the attachment.

This e-mail is being distributed through countries around the globe, but mainly in the US and Israel

Be considerate & send this warning to whomever you know.


You should be alert during the next days:
Do not open any message with an attached file called ‘Invitation’  regardless of who sent it.

It is a virus that opens an Olympic Torch which ‘burns the whole hard disc C of your computer.

This virus will be received from someone who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list, that is why you should send this e-mail to all your contacts.

It is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it.  If you receive a mail called ‘invitation’, though sent by a friend, do not open it and shut down your computer immediately.

This is the worst virus announced by CNN,  it has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever.

This virus was discovered by McAfee yesterday, and there is no repair yet for this kind of virus.

This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc, where the vital information is kept.

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Lots of windows users may find after installing Windows XP, Thier connection in internet gets a bit slower. Possible reason for this is the QoS (Quality of Service) . The service reserves 20 per cent for the bandwidth , even the QoS is disabled. this is for broad band connections.


1.Please make sure your logged on as actually “Administrator”. do not log on with any account that just has administrator privileges.
2. start – run – type gpedit.msc
3. expand the “local computer policy” branch
4. expand the “administrative templates” branch
5. expand the “network branch”
6. Highlight the “QoS Packet Scheduler” in left window
7. in right window double click the “limit reservable bandwidth” setting
8. on setting tab check the “enabled” item
9. where it says “Bandwidth limit %” change it to read 0 After doing this, you should immediately notice a boost in your Internet connection speed.

some need re-boot


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An Amazing phone from NOKIA.Through this model they are yet again proving that they are the ” THE BEST IN MOBILE MARKETING

Lets have a look on this model….




















Frequency: GSM/GPRS/EDGE network, CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000.
Israel set arbitrary color options :
: 109 ??48 ??quenching
: 100 grams
: Lithium Ion Battery BM12P, Convergence 9800
Standby time
: 100 hours
16 million color TFT color screen parameters
: ;1024 ??768 pixels, 3.2 inches;



* For the system : Symbian 12.0 v16.6z simplified Chinese version
: Pentium M-Dothan binuclear 2.0GHMz
: Dual Channel DDR2 512M, the biggest can be expanded to 2GB
: nVIDIA Geforce Go 7800GT
WAP support fly along
Nowhere 256 Chord
Embedded speakers
: 7.1-channel surround sound output
Photo identification of the caller calls Animation
160 GB internal hard disk
Support memory expansion
: Mixed-CF, Microdrive miniature hard disk compatibility, RS-MMC, miniSD?? , maximum support 160 GB
Adapter Type
: USB2.0/IEEE1394
: Support WAV music format, MP3, conjecture, Ogg Vorbis, RAW, VOX, CCIUT u-Law, PCM, MPC (MPEG plus/MusePack), MP2 (MPEG 1 Layer 2), ADPCM, CCUIT A-LAW, AIFC, DSP, GSM, CCUIT G721, CCUIT G723, G726 format CCUIT
Video Format
: All support
20 EQ sound effects sound effect modes : Mode
: DAB radios can receive digital broadcasting / FM stereo radio broadcasting group memory ;DAB/FM 50;
: 12.8 million effective pixel sensor, the APS size CCD, with Fangdou, ultrasonic dust removal function.
: the main revolutionary cell phone cards mouth open, compatible CNMOP lens LEICA Lycra AF24-180mm/F2.8 receptors produced in Germany in support of a full-time manual focusing.
: German production Zeiss lens coating 50mm/F1.0 nematic Chase.
Autofocus mode
: 11/7 zone TTL focusing, AF-1 to +19EV working environment :
Shutter speed
: electromagnetic control longitudinal curtain shutter doors B, 30-1/10000 seconds
: 12 / sec, which can be taken 90 or 50 RAW format photos in JPEG format photographs
: 3D matrix photometric II, the central focus point photometric and photometric (3mm yen, about 2% of the area)
Exposure modes : automatic, procedural exposure aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, users set up
: RAW format, JPEG
Exposure compensation
: +5EV half class, third-class or 1.0 grade
Sensitivity range
: ISO 50-3200 (third stall incremental), and 6400 can be expanded to 25
White Balance
: Automatic, Manual, pre –
White balance preset
: flash and shadow, overcast sky, sunlight, fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps
Embedded camera flash
Effective flash range
: 20 m
Flash modes
: 1005-pixel RGB TTL flash control sensor ;i-TTL balance filled with flash flash flash or standard i-TTL
: audio video film shooting, 720 ??480-definition DVD RMVB compression, support for real-time optical zoom.
Video broadcast
: Windows Media Player, H.263 /MPEG4, WITH AMR-NB, AMR-NB audio decoders, decoder
Other additional functions
First, Swiss Plug procedures remotely Train (with the public wireless transmission protocol), sparking Zippo;
Second, the LED beam, severe chemical devices, thermometer, filter and needle guide function for wild camping.
Third, the exclusive beer and bottled champagne opening device adapter, the adapter can be connected to a dedicated electric razor (compatible with Brown shaving support);
Fourth, Micro Electric Drier (external hard drives need 12V power supply)
5, welcoming everyone to keep abreast added 











Really amazing na 8)


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